Friday, December 20, 2013

Wishing on a Star!!

Endya sat on the cushioned window seat watching the snow fall and the Christmas decorations brighten the yard. They’d had a horrible argument and it was all her fault. Her stupid insecurities and lack of faith in herself. She was sure that once the house guests were gone, she’d be strapped to the spanking bench and they’d be having a talk his way.

As she continued to watch the snow fall her mind wondered. It had been a day like today when she met him, Trace, her blue eyed Santa. She had just missed the last bus home and was walking down the street with her head down trying to keep the snow and wind from blasting her face when she walked right into a brick wall of a man. With chattering teeth she stumbled and apology and tried to walk around him. The man caught her arm then cursed. He pulled off his coat and wrapped it around her shoulders. She’d tried give it back to him but god the man was more stubborn than she was.

Trace’s laughed from the down below brought her out of the memory. No matter how much she tried she didn’t fit in here. No matter how much she loved the man, she didn’t think this was going to work. Trace was born of money but had made his own fortune without the help of anyone. She came from nothing and had nothing. Sometimes she just watched him, trying to figure out what it was he saw in her. With his over six foot, well-built frame, ocean blue eyes and dark wavy hair, he could have any woman he wanted. None of that included the dollars signs a lot of when saw when they looked at him.

Trace hadn’t really spoken to her in days. Clipped answers or statements. The small touches where without warmth. The intensity in his eyes was gone but the love was still there. She’d hurt him and herself in the process. Endya looked up into the sky to see the few stars behind the falling snow.  When she saw one streak across the sky, she closed her eyes and made a wish.

“I wish upon a fallen star, that my love will shine bright again. I wish upon a fallen star that his arms will hold be tight. I wish upon a fallen star that he will forgive and love me once more…”

“I haven’t stopped loving you since the day you nearly ran me over.” Trace’s deep James Earl Jones voice had her head whipping around to see him standing in the door. He stood there in well-worn boots, loose fitting jeans and a light grey sweater. A day’s worth of stubble lined his strong jaw; he never failed to take her breath away. As he pushed off the door frame and walked towards her Endya turned from the window to face him.

When he took her hand in his the contrast of their skins tones never ceased to amaze her. His seemed to be a permanent bronze tone, while hers changed with the seasons. Right now she was the color of coffee with a lot of cream. He finally spoke and she fell into his voice.

“We’ve been through a lot over the last year, angel. I guess I should have known the holidays would be hard for you and for that I am sorry but we will get through them together. You aren’t alone anymore. We will have a long session once the family has left. You will give me all your worries, all your fears. We will break them down, toss them out. I’m not even going to let you stand in the way of your own happiness.”
He paused and ran his fingers through her hair then down her face wiping tears away she didn’t realize she’d shed. “I’m…” Before she could continue speaking he kissed her. The gentleness with which he kissed her made her sob into his mouth. Wrapping her arms around his neck Endya held on to him for dear life and let his kiss consume her. When he nipped her full bottom lip and slightly pulled back, she whimpered not ready to let go.

“Look at me, angel.” It took her a moment to follow the command but when she did a deep exhale left her at the love shining in depth of those blue eyes. Trace kneeled and pulled a small box from his pocket. “It’s been a year now and I know you’ve been waiting for the bottom to fall out but that’s not going to happen. I love you like I’ve never love anyone in my entire life. Next to my children, work was all I had. You should me how to live and love again. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Loving you! Growing old together.”

Endya opened and closed her mouth a number of times with nothing coming out after he opened the box in his hand. Her hand flying to her mouth to keep from screaming as tears continued to stream down her face. Nestled in cream colored satin material was the all black diamond ring she’d seen in the jewelry store window months ago. She had glanced at it and remarked at how beautiful it was. It was like nothing she’d ever seen before. There was a huge diamond in the middle, surrounded by at least six smaller ones in two rows on either side. It matched the collar around her neck.

Trace took her left hand in his, kissed her knuckles then held her gaze. “Say you’ll put me out of my misery and be my wife. Say yes. Say you’ll marry me.”

Launching herself off the window seat, knocking him to the floor. “Y-y-yes!” She could barely get the word out through her clogged throat. Peppering his face with kisses before she met his mouth and he took over. After he broke the kiss then set them both up right, he slipped the ring on her finger. Once it was settled in place he roared and she laughed. That brought everyone in the house to their bedroom door. Endya looked from them to the man that saved her; the one she loved more than life itself.

“I guess making a wishing on a fallen star really works.”

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